Whitening & Nourishing Intimate Mask

Brighten Up & Beautify Your Anus

Whitening & Nourishing Intimate Mask

14,90 €

incl. 19% tax, without shipping (Standard)
1 Piece (contains 12 ml)

Whitening Intimate
This caring Hydrogel-Intimate-Mask is specially designed for lightening the sensitive anal area. The pigmentation at this point is naturally somewhat darker than on the rest of the body.

The high-quality ingredients such as the vitamin niacinamide B3 bleach the skin very gently by breaking down the melanin contained in the skin. Darker areas, pigment spots and skin discolorations can gradually fade.

The contained vitamin C supports and increases the collagen formation of the skin naturally, so that the intimate mask can fully unfold its double effect – brightening and care.

Together they are a powerful anti-aging weapon.

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