Magic Anti Cellulite & Toning Mask

Brazil Up Your Butt & Get Super Sexy Skin

Magic Anti Cellulite & Toning Mask

14,90 €

incl. 19% tax, without shipping (Standard)
1 Piece (contains 12 ml)

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This Hydrogel-Mask releases its active ingredients through body heat and stimulates the skin structure system. The caffeine prevents the loss of elasticity, while the blood and lymph circulation are stimulated and thus provide for a new elasticity.

The active ingredient carnitine transports the fat into the mitochondria, a component of the body cells. The fat will get burned and metabolized there, so the connective tissue is tightened, subcutaneous fat tissue is reduced, and orange peel skin is prevented.

The special innovation of this Hydrogel booty mask is the high-tech active ingredient: Shape-Perfection – a fat-dissolving anti-cellulite active ingredient. This is extracted from mustard sprouts and, in addition to the anti-cellulite effect, also strengthens the firming effect of the skin. Wrinkles are reduced, moisture is dispensed, and the overall structure of the skin is significantly improved.

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