Intensive Hydrating & Moisturizing Mask

Refresh Your Butt & Restore Hydration! The regenerating Hydrogel-Mask offers the best-of-beauty program for a well groomed derrière.

Intensive Hydrating & Moisturizing Mask

14,90 €

incl. 19% tax, without shipping (Standard)
1 Piece (contains 12 ml)

The Hydrogel- Booty-Mask consists of avery nourishing and moisturizing active ingredients:

Aquaxyl provides pure moisture and penetrates deeply into the skin, menthol provides a pleasant cooling effect and the extract from Aloe Vera soothes the skin long-lastingly. Furthermore high-quality inulin forms a pleasant, soft film on the skin.

These power active ingredients are met by a beauty innovation: MossCellTec. This unique active ingredient (MossCellTec), which is obtained from moss, influences the skin’s own immune power and revolutionizes anti-aging directly at the cellular level.

This multi-benefits mask for the buttocks simultaneously fulfils various beautifying effects: anti-aging, anti-redness, soothing effect and a rich and moisturizing care for the skin.

The result of this effective care formula is a significantly improved skin appearance.

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